The Hidden Face of Volunteerism

By Elisa Vallette. Have you ever been bothered about a photo of a proud white volunteer among brown impoverished children? Why would these well-intentioned volunteers irritate you? Referred to as “development tourists” or “voluntourists” willing to help out and experience the developing world during a short period of time, they might actually worsen the situationContinue reading “The Hidden Face of Volunteerism”

Is HIV programming marginalising vulnerable transgender communities?

By Isabelle Tickel. ‘I think one thing that I would love to see is an organization for the specific reason of empowering transgender people. I think that makes a whole community really care more about informing ourselves about the spread of HIV’ Transgender sex worker  Despite 35 years of the global response to the HumanContinue reading “Is HIV programming marginalising vulnerable transgender communities?”

Is the Populist Discourse a Lie in Modern Democracies?

Populism and its rhetoric is a phenomenon that is gaining popularity in world politics. Examples of its spread can be found around the world, in different periods of time, to a greater or lesser extent, and from different political positions. However, how valid is it to speak and create public policy, actions and projects, in the voice of “the people”?