Near-famine Conditions in the Largest African Economy – Nigeria

By Mónika Lipécz. This article examines the causes of famine-like conditions in parts of Nigeria and the paradox of why these conditions are occurring in the largest economy on the African Continent. If a country can boast of being the wealthiest economy on a continent, one would assume that it can feed its people. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Near-famine Conditions in the Largest African Economy – Nigeria”

Discourse and Power in Development

By Vedika Inamdar. This article examines Arturo Escobar’s applications of Michel Foucault’s insights on discourse and power to the field of development and the relationships between the Global North and the Global South. One of the most prolific French philosophers and social theorists, Michel Foucault (1926-1984), provided fundamental insights on discourse and power. His workContinue reading “Discourse and Power in Development”

Can Social Enterprises Encourage Sustainable Development?

By Noah Vetter. This post explores the concept of social enterprises and their ability to encourage sustainable development. Using the example of Malô, a Mali-based social enterprise, the post highlights some of the advantages of the social enterprise model and their potential as development actors. Market-based social enterprises can play an important role in encouragingContinue reading “Can Social Enterprises Encourage Sustainable Development?”